Would you like an Astrology birth Chart: wheel diagram & full written report with all your details?

(will be emailed to you as a PDF file).


Having your chart done often explains so many things!


Your Report will cover:


1.  A full "Wheel" diagram - which you can refer to over and over again and have interpreted by others at your leisure.


2.  A written report (as a Pdf file) that gives info on

    Your rising sign, Sun, Moon,

    where all your houses are,

    other planets, the makeup of your masculine/feminine,

    north/south nodes (career and life purpose/challenges

    and strengths),

    fortunes, cusps and other influences.


Having your full chart will help explain all those little differences and nuances of behaviour that our Sun sign (eg from newspapers) don't cover.  E.g. your rising sign will show you how you appear/behave with/to others in the world, your moon how you are in private and emotionally relate. Your Venus is how you express and what type of relationship that best appeals; the feminine aspect and Mars in the masculine etc...

Your astrology report will include a "wheel" chart that you can always have interpreted over your life plus the written interpretations report.


In order to get this you will need these details:



Date of Birth

Time of Birth

& Place of birth

(or nearest major city – if a very small place).

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